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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Automating ISO 27001 with PTA


This article describes the PTA threat model library for the ISO 27001 risk assessment standard. The library has been used in several projects and was found to be very productive in shortening timetables of risk assessment and threat analysis projects.

The PTA software is freeware that can be downloaded from the PTA Technologies Web site. The PTA ISO 27001:27005 library is available for free download and distribution, licensed from the Control Policy Group under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Feel free to download and introduce the PTA ISO 27001 library to your colleagues and promote it via postings to security forums and adding links to our web site . We wish to freely distribute the ISO 27001:27005 library to the security community and hope that its popularity and availability will contribute to your productivity and let you benefit from the experience of security colleagues world wide. Contact us at any time with questions or suggestions for improvement.

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