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Monday, August 6, 2007

Extend business reach with a robust security infrastructure.

In the face of growing numbers of complex regulatory requirements, organizations must find a way to protect their information and systems while giving ever-growing numbers of users access to the systems and applications they need. This is particularly critical when it comes to the continually growing business requirement to increase employee, customer and trading-partner access to valuable data and resources. IBM security management solutions are designed to work across platforms and applications to integrate and support critical business initiatives. Through extensive features and tools, an organization can establish centralized, automated policies and processes to help minimize security risks and address regulatory mandates — freeing IT staff from routine security tasks to focus on integrating existing systems and extending the network.

IBM provides end-to-end service management solutions for successful innovation, including the implementation and management of new-generation architectures. Our proven solutions enable customers to establish an enterprise-wide hardware and software foundation, manage optimal business flexibility and ensure effective service delivery. New technologies can be quickly and cost-effectively assimilated into their environments. Workload balancing, provisioning, availability and security can be more easily and effectively managed across new architectures.

IBM service innovation solutions represent one of a number of modular entry points into IBM Service Management, a comprehensive, fully integrated approach to closing the gap between business and IT innovation. IBM Service Management helps organizations both create and manage value, with products and services that address the complete service management life cycle, from business management to IT development and IT operations, with solutions spanning hardware, software, consulting and financing services.

- Overview
- Adapt to today’s security landscape
- Drive value from end-to-end security solutions
- Assess security requirements
- Institute effective identity and access control management
- Manage user accounts across the enterprise
- Validate and exchange user identification with trusted enterprises
- Enforce policy-based access control
- Synchronize identity data across multiple repositories 8 Help identify attacks, malware, misconfigurations and misuse to mitigate security risks
- Implement, enforce and report on security compliance policies
- Leverage IBM leadership in security solutions
- Summary
- For more information
- About Tivoli software from IBM

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