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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Step 6: Reevaluate IT assets and risks

by Change Tech Solutions Inc. | Oct 8, 2003

Security management is a discipline that never rests. Major changes that would require a reassessment of the security management practice include:
  • Security violations are rampant.
  • Organizational structure or composition changes.
  • Business environment changes.
  • Technology changes.
  • Budget allocation decreases.

As information technology continues to grow in scope and importance, the value of managing the security of mission-critical computer systems running an organization's most sensitive processes and functions cannot be overstated. With security one of their highest priorities, executives are searching for effective techniques to deliver maximum security while simplifying security management. With a well-defined security management process in place, your IT organization will realize numerous benefits—reduce the number and effect of security incidents, reduce problem resolution time, and improve staff productivity.

Harris Kern's Enterprise Computing Institute and Change Technology Solutions, Inc. represent the industry's leading minds behind the design and implementation of world-class IT organizations.

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