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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How does the BS7799 / ISO 27001 certification audit process actually work?

Before the audit:
The greatest mistake that organizations ever make is that they are not properly prepared for an audit. Many organizations who want to undergo a certification audit fail at the first stage because they have not properly prepared for it.

Some examples I have encountered are below:
A classic case of this was the organization that desk dropped their approved information security policy on all staff desks on the weekend before our audit started on the Monday. Somehow the words ‘published and communicated, as appropriate, to all employees’ (A.3.1.1.) did not spring to mind.

Likewise failure to perform a risk assessment would not give the auditor a warm and comforting feeling of a risk assessment being carried out on the ‘assets within the scope’ (4.2.1).

Any organization that cannot demonstrate that the ISMS works by undertaking internal ISMS audits (6.4) will not be looked upon favourably for passing a certification audit.

Another major failure at the outset of the certification or implementation project is the failure to have demonstrable management commitment. This means something more than saying ‘yes –go do it’ by the CEO or MD. There needs to be management commitment to the process as well as ring fencing resources. (5.1 and 5.2).

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